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            Liuzhou Jingda Automobile Brake Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



            ADDRESS :Bailu Industrial Park No.1 Machang Road, Liuzhou City, Guangxi

            Company Profile

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            Liuzhou Jingda Automobile Brake Tube Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a matching supplier designated by SAIC General Wuling Co., Ltd. to manufacture all kinds of miniature and passenger automobile brake tubes. The company is a sole proprietorship enterprise. The main factory area is 25 mu in Bailu Industrial Park. The production area is 4416 square meters. In 2009, a branch company was set up in Qingdao, Shandong Province. In 2016, a production line was set up in Chongqing. There are 160 employees in Shanghai Automobile General Wuling Qingdao and Chongqing Branches. The production and manufacturing department, finance department, technology department, quality inspection department, procurement department and so on are set up. Logistics Department, Security Section, Safety Production Supervision Section and other eight departments, including 4 senior engineers, 8 technicians, 11 engineers and technicians.

            The company has been adhering to the spirit of "united struggle, scientific innovation". Over the years, through technological innovation, the introduction of new equipment, as well as personnel training, production capacity and technological level are constantly improving. Now it has reached the production capacity of 180,000 brake tubing sets per month for Wuling vehicles. Its total output value in 2013 has broken through the 100 million yuan mark, and is currently a large-scale hard control for automobiles in Guangxi. Manufacturing suppliers.

            The company passed ISO 9001:2002 quality management system standard in December 2001 and ISO/TS16949 quality system certification in October 2006. The company's leading product - automobile brake pipe strictly implements the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards stipulated in the contract. Over the years, it has provided 100% qualified products and services for SAIC GM Wuling Co., Ltd. and was awarded the honorary title of "SAIC GM Wuling Qualified Supplier" from 2005 to 2014, and won the "Excellent Partner" Award of SAIC GM Wuling in 2016.

            After constantly improving the quality management system, constantly improving the level of enterprise management, and constantly increasing investment in R&amp;D, the company's corporate reputation, product quality, marketing services are in the leading level in the domestic industry.

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